CHILIMILII Premium Bounce Back Hollow Fibre Pillows 50×75 cm, virgin Hollow Fibre Filled Pillows for Stomach back side sleepers, Hollow Fibre Pillows in pack of 2,4,6 & 8 (Pack of 6)


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  • 2x4x6x8x LUXURY PILLOWS are more comfortable & Soft for side and back sleeper. These Pillows are made up of 100% Virgin Hollowfibre.
  • These Pillows are Hypoallergenic and Dust Mite Resistant Suitable for All Sleeping Positions.
  • Virgin hollowfiber filling which gives you a super soft touch and ideal support. This is an ideal use for every age group like Kids Teenagers Juveniles & Adults.
  • UK Standard size Pillow: 50 x 75 cm
  • Designed for back and side sleepers offering the right level of comfort and support for you head and neck whilst keeping your spine straight so you can enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • Our pillows do not contain materials which are likely to cause allergies.
  • Use one pillow for soft comfort or two pillows for medium comfort.
  • Proudly made in UK.
  • Washing Instructions: Machine Washable. For more details please read attached care label on pillows
  • Material: Pillow material: Hollow Fibre Outer cover : Polycotton