Amazon Brand –Umi Waterproof Anti Bed bug Mattress Protector, Mattress Encasement Cover With Zipper, Breathable Hyporallergenic Cotton Terry – European King (160x200cm-up to 20cm)


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  • Mattress Encasement Size:The width is 160cmthe length is 200cm and this size of mattress encasement is suitable for use with a mattress within 20cm.
  • 360 ° Protector Your mattress:The mattress protective cover not only the top waterproof the side of the left and the left and the front and rear sides also have waterproof functions which have waterproof films and six sides can physically prevent mites dust bugs so that bacteria cannot enter the mattress from any place.
  • Zipper Design and Easy Installation: The side of Mattress Encasement is a zipper design that can be opened.When your baby accidentally wets the bed or spills a drink on the bedyou need to replace the mattress protection cover you can open the zipper remove the dirty mattress protection cover to change a spare clean Mattress Encasementit won’t be complicated.
  • Suitable for people:Great for those with kids pets allergies asthma eczema or incontinence.(Waterproof Bed bug proof Noiseless and Breathable).STANDARD 100 by OEKO‑TEX certified according to Appendix 4 No. SH025 136948
  • Easy Machine :washable at 60℃ & tumble dry on low.The waterproof membrane in our mattress protector is highly durable and will not destroy the waterproof function under normal machine wash conditions so don’t worry about it becoming non-waterproof after machine washing!